SlytherPuff Friendship (part five)

15. června 2017 v 21:24 | Kalamity Iharo |  SlytherPuff Friendship
Jabán, vy Žaláti!
Tak pro jednou zase trocha angličtiny! Ale vy to přežijete. A když budete hodní (a když se mě bude chtít), dostanete třeba další díl Right Under My Skin (všimli jste si, že ta zkratka je RUMS?) a nebo ENACT...
So enjoy

"Heey! Guess What!" H yelled at her friend and jumped at her in the middle of S's way to breakfast.
"You are on incredibly happy mood and just for fun you're trying to kill me?" raised S her eyebrow, despite the fact, that H coldn't see that, because her crazy red haired friend was stucked on her back. At least she succeseeded in sounding really cynical.
"Of coooooouse nooot!" laughed H and got off S, so she could turn at H and look at her with her eyebrows up.
"So?" asked S. H just sat on free place at Slytherins table and waited for S.
"You know, this is not your house's table, right? You were not transfered from Hufflepuff, were you?" made sure S and sat next to her friend.
"No I wasn't transferred." shaked H her head and smiled.
"Okay… So go to your table, have a breakfast and then we will see each other." said S and reached out for a toast.
"Oh what? Me no hungry, me staying here, at the snakey table..." laughed H.
"You are not hungry? Oh no, sweetheart, you are not fooling me with this shit." S grabbed five toasts and H and went to Hufflepuff table. Small "Hey!" was everything that H managed to say in a protest. When Hufflepuffs saw S and H heading for their table, they quickly made space for them. S sat H at first and then she sat next to her.
"You are scaring my Hufflemates." said H.
"Your Huffle-what?" asked S and grinned.
"My Hufflemates! You know, other Slytherins are used to me sitting in your common room. But my Hufflemates saw you not only once screaming, swearing and being really furious grumpy Adder." argued H.
"Slythermates…?" S raised her eyebrows as high as possible.
"Yes! Your mates from your house! Slythermates!" said H vigorously. S rolled her eyes and took a bite from her toast.
"Fine, fine… So we just get your… Hufflemates, used to me too…" decided S.
"Oh… Okay… But I am not taking you into our common room!" said H.
"Why not?!" asked S with her mouth almost full of toast.
"My precious comfy armchairs…" whispered H. And then she grabbed a pancake and took enormous bite.
"Mhhhhhm, I love pancakes."

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