SlytherPuff Friendship (part four)

4. června 2017 v 20:05 | Kalamity Iharo |  SlytherPuff Friendship
Jabán, vy Žaláti!
To už je jako zase neděle? Děláte si ze mě srandu? Aaahahahahah... Jak je to kurňa možný? S tím by se mělo něco dělat.
Tak co kdybyste si přečetli článek? Hm? Jen do toho! Když už máme tu neděli (A nebo vlastně jakýkoli jiný den, kdy si najdet čas).

"Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!"
It went for ten minutes like that. S walking in circles, cursing into the air.
"Stop it!" yelled H at her friend.
"Why the hell should I?" asked S and finally stopped walking in circles.
"Because it is cursing! And it is bad!" replied H, fed up with swear words always coming up from S.
"Oh come the fuck on!" S started walking again.
"Oh please! You just use it, like it's some kind of punctuation. That's not nice!" said H.
"And why should I be nice? This is who I am! Asses, Fucks, Damns, Shits in every possible sentence I say." argued S.
"You should be nice, or noone is going to date you." said H calmly and she looked, like she thought she had won. S laughed.
"And what the fuck with this? I don't give a shit about dating! You know pretty well that every single boy who is gonna try to seduce me or something can just go fuck himself." she said. H frowned.
"So then… Stop because of me!" said H. S looked at her friend.
"Because of you?" S raised one eyebrow.
"Yes! I don't like cursing, but you like me… So? It's just me or cursing… Not both." said H. Now she knew she'd won. S didn't give a damn about walking in circles. She was standing and looking at her best friend.
"This is fucking cruel! Oh shit I can't stop it, you know? That's just impossible… Damn you and this ultimatum. Damn you, your garden, your holy shit!" S was about to explode.
"Just stop cursing GODFUCKINGDAMNIT!" yelled H. And immediately she gasped and put her hands on her mouth. S blinked. Once, twice, then she opened her mouth, but didn't say a word. After a minute, when they both just were freezed in a shock, S started laughing. Tears got in her eyes and she was nearly losing her breath.
"Stop it!" yelled H with cheeks as red as a tomato. A pretty ripe tomato. S laughed more and more. She even had to sit.
"Stop it I said!" yelled H again with a high pitched voice, but it just made S laugh more and more. H wanted to dissapear…
"That's not fair! I said stop it! Stop that damn laugh you little cum!" she screamed loudly. S finally stopped laughing and looked proudly at her friend.
"You just cursed like an old fat pirate… I love you." said she.
"You made me! I hate you!" said H.

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