SlytherPuff friendship (part nine)

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Jabán, vy Žaláti!
Tak tady zázrakem jako z nebe přichází další díl SPF! Snad si ho užijete tak, jako já a má drahá H jsme si užily čtení nahlas všech předchozích dílů v čajovně. :D Jop, otravovaly jsme celou čajovnu naším čtením! Jsme zlatíčka!

"S! S! Look! My Mom sent me a gift from Sweden!" yelles H and ran to S. S turned to her and immediately were her eyes catched by the thing in 's hand.
"Oh my Serpent, that is huge." said S. H was showing her red big ball. Bigger than S's fist.
"And the best part is... It is a gum!" Said H with sparkles in her eyes.
"A gum?" S raised one eyebrow.
"Yeah, gum! Huuuuge sweet gum! But... I dunno what to do with it. It's too big, I can't fit it in my mouth." said H "Look!"
H tried to fit the big gum into her mouth.
"Oh no, please no, no!" stopped S her friend. Giving this thing to H was not a good idea.
"My, my... What was your mother thinking? You are gonna hurt yourself with this." S shaked her head.
"I know what she was thinking!" said H.
"What?" askes S.
"She thought this: 'I know my dear H is gonna love it, luckily she always has S by her side, so S will be there and she won't let my sweet sweet daughter to get hurt'... Thaat's it!" H smiled really bright, S even had to close her eyes a little bit.
"I don't think so." said she then.
"Okay, so it was like "my sweet sweet daughter won't get REALLY hurt', satisfied?" asked H. S smiled.
"Yes." nodded she.
"So now... what to do with it... I can't take a bite. It's too hard." H put on her sad puppy expression. And she was good at that one.
"Hm, try to part it?" thought aloud S.
"How? It's too haaaaaaaard!" said H again with that sad puppy face. S didn't like puppy faces. Puppies were fine... Argh, but puppy faces...
"Maybe with an axe?" tried it S. And she really, really put some irony into it. But H obviously didnt hear it. She was in the puppy mood.
"You think it would work?" asked she. S nodded.
"Definitely! Everything is better with an axe, so this is surely great way to part it!" S was putting the irony in so hard. But H was H.
"Hmm, but we don't have an axe... Maybe we can ask Hagrid?" and the sparkles were once again shining in H's eyes.
"Yeah. Ask Hagrid. Yup. Definitely." S was nodding and agreeing. And finally the irony was enough for H to see.
"Okay, fine! So not Hagrid and an axe! What am I supposed to do then?" asked she.
"Where are we?" instead of answer, S asked too.
"Um... In a school?" tried H "No way! You are not making me read and learn about parting a gum! Come on! Books are not answer for everything!"
"I know, I know... Violence is answer for everything... But focus. we are in school fooooor?" continued S.
"Foooooooooooooooooooooor?" H raised her her eyebrows. S sighed and then tapped H on her forehead.
"ForWizardsAndWitchesUseSomeMagicYouDumbass." said she pretty quickly.
"For what?" asked H.
"Just use magic, Dumbass!!" yelled S.
"Miss!" sharp voice resonated through the halls girls were in right now.
"Oh professor McGonnagal." S looked at the teacher with respect.
"Five points from Slytherin!" Said professor.
"But why? I didn't even curse her!" said S.
"And what was that verbal expression?" raised professor McGonnagal her eyebrow.
"Why do I feel like we were here once before?" mumbled H for herself and then licked the ball.
"Oh myyyy, it tastes like strawberrieeeees! Lick it!" she put the ball right in front of S's face. Professor McGonnagal gave her resentful look and then left girl in corridor and went her way. H took the ball away from S's mourderous face and licked it again.
"Mhhhhm, strawberrieeeeeees... I love strawberrieeees!"
"I want an axe." sighed S.

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Ah yes, gotta love swedish candy...

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