Love words

13. prosince 2017 v 14:15 | Kalamity Iharo |  English time
Jabán, vy Žaláti!
Občas... Dostanete sami sebe do situace, ve které byste raději nebyli.
Z každé chvíle v životě by se teoreticky za to mělo vytěžit co nejvíce, ale... občas prostě nemůžete. A tak sedíte s rukama v klíně a čekáte, až to přejde... Zda to přejde...


"You should finally start to tell people who you love, that you love them."
"You are right, but… Sometimes you just can't do that."
"What do you mean?"
"Sometimes you end up loving someone, you can't tell to. Cause it would destroy everything..."

"But if you insist on it… I love you."
"What? You don't know me."
"I wish that was true. But… You are really…
You are energic, and little bit of loud. You don't really like bored people, you try to cheer everyone up, you always spread this energy around yourself. You make jokes, you never give up until you see the smile on others faces. You like stuff and you do it, because it fills you up with good feeling. If you don't enjoy it, you don't do it, simple. Except for work. But… If your work would stop fullfilling you, you would stop it. Or at least I hope. You have free spirit. I can't imagine you chained down. But you are realist. You have your adult world and you don't let some things into it. Like depression and questions about some communities and minorities. If you don't directly have to meet with those problems - you choose not to think about them.
You are excited, when you meet someone who shares your interests. But you would never push anything to anyone. You are one of the purest persons I've ever met.
You say many things, you are helpful and you like to help people. But it's better, when they have some more ordinary problems. Looking for new apartment, forgeting about their ex by doing some activities, financial problems or question about where to go with their career. Those are problems you would not hesitate to help with. You are honest and open. When you feel like saying something, you say it.
Sometimes… Sometimes your words hurt. Sometimes you say something that is not really good and it hurts. But you never mean it that way. You don't say things to hurt. You say things cause you think them. You are loyal. To your friends, to yourself, you are not player, you are a person. Person I am glad I know.
But… If I would tell you the truth… If I'd tell you I love you… I would destroy anything."

"Just... You know... Sometimes you can't tell the person, you love them... Without destroying everything."

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