SlytherPuff friendship (part ten)

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Jabán, vy Žaláti!
Možná je tohle pěkná příležitost na sliby a okecávání, ale pffft, už jsme si to užili při rozloučení se s ENACT.
So... Here we go... Enjoy another part of this unbelievable friendship!

It was nice, calm winter afternoon. Calm? Huh, no way! Students of Hogwarts were excited about their visit to Hogsmeade.
"I heard they have new books and quills... We have to stay away from those shops." said S to her friend, when were those girls leaving the castle.
"What? Why?" H gave S confused look.
"Because I cannot spend more money on books and quills. ´" replied S.
"But... You have money." said H.
"I do." nodded S "but I have to be responsible."
"Aah I see. Well, it's gonna be hard, we will definitely pass some of the shops." thought H out loud.
"Yes, we will." agreed S not so happily.
"So... What when you see something cool in the window?" asked H.
"Then you will tell me that it's not cool." said S.
"But... What if it will be cool?" asked H again.
"Then... as I said... you will tell me, that it's not cool." said S.
"But whait if..."
"Just li for Merlin's sake!" yelled S. H looked at her friend with pure surprise.
"Lie? I don't lie." said she.
"Everyone lies." replied S.
"I don't. "argued H.
"It's simple, you just open your mouth and... say something that is not true." said S.
"Like you do, when you tell people you love them?" asked H.
"No, no, that's sarcasm, I do it with special tone in the voice. When you lie, you make it sound like the truth." explained S.
"So, why not tell the truth right away?" raised one of her eyebrow. S sighed.
"Because your irresponsible friend cannot buy new things GODFUCKINGDAMNIT!" yelled S then.
"Stop cursing!" yelled H back.
"Never!" yelled S again.
"You are the worst!" H continued yelling.
"Ooh, why the hell you have to be so honest?!"
"Because I just DON'T LIE!"
"Ooooh really..." S's face crossed evil smirk. H froze in fear. Oh no! S knows something! What does she know?! What did she dig up and from?
"How about that time when guys asked about muggle school system?" asked S suddenly. Daaaamn it!
"B-but..." it wasn't H's fault! S started it! And she knew that!
"Game... Over." whispered S, pointed a finger gun at H and "shoted" her.
That day in Hogsmeade was quickly over.
"So... How are you satisfied with your todays purchase?" asked H smiling like a sunshine.
"Very!" replied S with arms full of new books and quills.
"And what do you say to your bestie?" asked once more H.
"I hate you." replied S.
"Oh... You are such a liar!" giggled H.

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