SlytherPuff Friendship (part eleven)

28. února 2018 v 9:54 | Kalamity Iharo |  SlytherPuff Friendship
Jabán, vy Žaláti!
Tak na pobavení tady máme nový díl SPF! Tak doufám, že to ještě někdo čte a že vás to baví! Enjooy...

"So… can I stab Jeremy now?" asked S. She was sitting in Hufflepuff common room, playing a board game with H and two other Hufflepuffs.
"Noooo." groaned H.
"Why not?" asked S.
"You see, we have to get to the castle, and we have to defeat those trolls… So the only one, who you should stab, is this troll over there." explained Marry-Ann… For like the fifth time.
"Yeah, but I have only three actions. And he is too far. Whereas Jeremy is much closer." said S.
"You cannot stab fellow adventurers!" nearly yelled Jeremy.
"But..." tried S.
"This is cooperative game!" said H.
"Yeah!" small blue figure let hear himself. He belonged to Jeremy, represented him on the play field and in that actual moment was shaking, because the green figure belonging to S was aiming its spear at him.
S looked at him with frowned and intimidating face. Blue figure shaked even more.
"Just take those three actions and get to the troll." said Marry-Ann.
"Why can't we play something better? Like… Blood Sacrifice or God of the Dead?" asked S.
"Ugh, those plays are like massacre..." shaked Jeremy his head.
"And?" raised S her eyebrow. Noone replied her with words. They just gave her tired looks.
"Okay, fine, you are not good with complete massacre games… How about… Dark Dungeon?" tried S.
"You know it's full of betrayals and schemes..." replied H.
S groaned and gave all the Hufflepuffs frustrated look. She looked kinda scary. Enough to scare the hufflepuffs figures on the play field. All three moved one step back. The green one, her, was still bravely aiming his spear, altough he may thought about stepping back too.
"Okay… Okay… So, maybe, just for once… We can make you the lady of castle… and go against you?" tried it Mary-Ann.
"How would that work?" asked S and raised her eyebrow. She got kinda interested.
"You have to get to the castle first… and you can send the trolls against us… and we have to… um.. defeat you." explained Marry-Ann. She looked at her fellow hufflemates.
"Do you feel good about it?" asked she.
"Yeah! Definitely!" nodded H. She was simple. She loved playing games and she enjoyed her friends happy. And this would make S happy.
"Me too, I guess." said Jeremy.
"Greaat! So I name you the Lady of the Castle, our sworn enemy, just for this one game. Ruler of the kingdom, lord of the antagonists and general of the troll army..." said H with bright smile.
"Good. So can I stab Jeremy now?" asked S.
"Yes, yes, just stab him already." sighed Marry-Ann.

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1 Phouka Phouka | Web | 28. února 2018 v 10:05 | Reagovat

Yay, board games! So sweet...

2 rdd rdd | E-mail | 7. března 2018 v 17:04 | Reagovat

One can't really tell why it feels so good to stab the best friend with dagger. A spear would definitely work just fine.
G bless board games - the way to express those rebellious feelings to our beloved ones. ...bad rating but still I would give it a try - S seemed to like it.

3 Kalamity Iharo Kalamity Iharo | E-mail | Web | 19. března 2018 v 9:22 | Reagovat

[2]: The heck, man? I didn't even know that board game under this name really exist when I wrote it...

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