SlytherPuff Friendship (part twelve)

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Jabán, vy Žaláti!
Máte tady další díl vaší milované série SPF. Cože? Že není vaše milovaná? Tak za prvé - to vám nevěřím a za druhé - stejně tady nic lepšího/jiného pro vás nemám... Takže enjoooy!

"Heya, can I sit here?"
S looked up and before she could even recognize one of her classmates, H agreed with wide smile.
"Yes! Of course!" said H. Paul sat down.
"What are you doing?" asked he. S sighed. She was in library! Why does anyone tries to chat in library?
"Family Trees!" replied H. Too loudly in S's opinion. And in Librarians opinion too.
"Of course! Of course!" replied H to Librarian. S rolled her eyes. She knew Paul is curiously looking at the trees they made.
"Wow, fancy names, you got here, S." said he.
"Yeah, she is proud pureblood." said H.
"Proud pureblood?" raised Paul one eyebrow.
"Mhm." hummed S in agreement. Paul turned to H's family tree.
"But you are not pureblood." said Paul.
"Yep, My mom is muggle." agreed H.
"Ah, I see..." nodded Paul. H frowned.
"You look confused." said she. S raised her eyes and looked at Paul.
"Oh, of course." mumled she.
"What?" asked H.
"It's about this Proud pureblood thing." replied S.
""What's up with that?" asked H again.
"It does make sence I am Slytherin cause I am proud pureblood. But why am I bothering with you, hm? That's what he is wondering about. Look, being proud of belonging somewhere doesn't mean I am racist, arrogant and stupid. I like my family and it's history. I am proud of my name. But hey, H here is great friend and her mom is nice and intelligent woman. So whatever if they are silly low born muggles, hm? I don't care about others ancestry. I am proud of being who I am but it doesn't mean that I judge people by that." S finished and looked down, back on her family tree.
"Oh..." that was everything Paul was able to say.
"Pretty open minded, huh?" grinned S.
"For a Slytherin, yeah." said H.
"Oh H, that was cruel." replied S.
"Whatever, revenge I guess?" smiled H innocently.

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Awww, so sweet!

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