Duben 2018

Darkness around the snowball

19. dubna 2018 v 9:42 | Kalamity Iharo |  origosh
Jabán, vy Žaláti!
So, Long time no see, huh? Yeah, I don't write much. Sorry. I would love to, but there is not the right atmosphere I guess? I am sorry.
My teacher saw this. He said, I should go and have some therapy. That I am too dark, and sad and closed into myself. Well, maybe I am, but he is fucking annoying optimist who is unable to talk about depression, 'cause it makes him feel uncomfortable... No, I am not mad at him and I understand him. Just... I don't need therapy and I think this story is not THAT bad! I know, it still is not good and there are some mistakes (Tell me about it please, so I can learn from it!)