Darkness around the snowball

19. dubna 2018 v 9:42 | Kalamity Iharo |  origosh
Jabán, vy Žaláti!
So, Long time no see, huh? Yeah, I don't write much. Sorry. I would love to, but there is not the right atmosphere I guess? I am sorry.
My teacher saw this. He said, I should go and have some therapy. That I am too dark, and sad and closed into myself. Well, maybe I am, but he is fucking annoying optimist who is unable to talk about depression, 'cause it makes him feel uncomfortable... No, I am not mad at him and I understand him. Just... I don't need therapy and I think this story is not THAT bad! I know, it still is not good and there are some mistakes (Tell me about it please, so I can learn from it!)

When I got out of the house, I was surprised by the dark that took over the sky. I could swear it was day! But the light seemed to dissappear. I grabbed a shovel and started to throw away the snow from the driveway. No more snow was falling from the dark sky. It was all on the ground. And of course on the driveway. Everytime I got from the house, there was snow on the driveway. It never melted away. I sighed. My whole life I was just surrounded by snow. I didn't know how the grass and flowers look like. I had strange feeling that I never saw it. But I never talked about it to anyone. There actually wasn't anyone to talk to. Noone… I didn't miss that. Did I ever talk to anybyody? Who knows… I wasn't sure. The one thing I knew for certain was, that I have definitely grew sick and tired of snow.
When I finished my duty, I leaned on the shovel and looked up at the sky. It was dark. Black like never before. And the moon shined with some kind of yellow light. It felt strange. Different. But I couldn't catch, what it was. Was there even a moon before? I knew moon belongs to the night sky. But was there before? And then I noticed it. There were two moons. I looked at them, amazed and I almost stopped breathing. This was definitely off. Why were there two moons? And then, they dissappeared for a second. It shut completely dark before they reappeared. I stared. Amazed. Into those two moons with the strange unnatural yellow light. And I tried to come up with the other things that were wrong. There were no stars. I noticed earlier but I didn't pay attention to it until now. And then there was this feeling. I felt like I am watched. By those two moons. They shut down and reappeared again.
Suddenly it felt like the whole darkness moved. Moons dissappeared for good and the whole darkness slowly slipped away, revealing the light of the day. Again I was able to recognize blurry shapes of blue and brown in the skies. I saw the light bending over the glass up above my head. I heard strange noise coming from the distance, something a huge monster could make.

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 Dark Lord Phouka Dark Lord Phouka | E-mail | Web | 19. dubna 2018 v 9:45 | Reagovat

The Giant Night Cat! Yay!
Love iiiit! (Also yay, you're writing!)

2 Black Blood Black Blood | Web | 20. července 2018 v 15:28 | Reagovat

Moc hezké O_O

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